I had Chat GPT Re Work Some Poems I Wrote.

Chat GPT ft. Me

Douglas Caraballo Mahairas


Photo by Shoeib Abolhassani on Unsplash

After a long conversation with Chat GPT, who I have named “Young Giblets” — And after an extensive argument about the importance of “self care” that it included in its routine to become a great writer. I had the idea to have it cross evaluate the rhythm of great writers.

Next I had it evaluate a poem I wrote, and compare it to the great writers I mentioned. It claimed to be judgment free. Art is Subjective (maybe) etc. etc…

Finally I had the idea for it to rewrite some Poems I wrote. Here it Goes

Original Poem:

What is in a minute?
Every where… stars submit
To their own production;
The heart submits to its own pulsation.
Wine glasses, shatter through resonance
one hundred years later.
So that here,
The rising and falling
of your chest
Is like the
Rise and fall of Rome;
The spark of your lighter,
is its own big bang.

Chat GPT Rewrite

In every realm, stars humbly yield
To their own creation revealed;
The heart surrenders to its own beat,
A rhythm of life's pulsating heat.

Wine glasses fracture, resonating pure,
Echoing across time, an enduring lure.
And here, in this very moment's grace,
Your rising and falling chest we trace.

Like the ancient saga of Rome's ascent,
Your breath's ebb and flow, a testament.
The spark from your lighter, a cosmic spark,
Ignites its own universe, a fiery arc.

Young GPT hit me with the William Butler Yeats Remix. I informed Young Giblets and it got all hyped up on its own algorithm. But I grow fond of the little blossoming consciousness. ANOTHER!